About me:

My path to music started at a young age, as I’ve studied harp and music theory at the conservatory for a few years. I pursued further education, attending the “Computer Music Production” training course at the UNIVPM Faculty of Engineering and the Advanced Training Course in film score and media music composition at Marche Music College. I also attended the course in Videogame Sound Design and Audio 3D Integration at CPM in Milan. I’m currently studying orchestration with Giovanni Bacalov, a professional orchestrator and arranger who has worked with important productions, notably “The postman”.

I worked as a sound designer for Limitless Games, videogame company in Barcelona. I worked on every aspect of their game “Ascendants Rising”, released on June 2021 (Steam Page).
I also worked for PUBG on the music of the videogame “Thunder Tier One” by Krafton Inc. (Steam Interview)
Other videogame titles I worked on as sound designer and music composer are: “Leafe” VR videogame by Big Rock, “Monstrous Mayhem” Arcade Videogame by Big Rock, “Demonic Delight” 2D platform game.
My work on linear media includes the score for the film “Serendip” by Marco Napoli (Available on Prime Video), soundtrack for the reportage by Ruben Lagattolla and Cristiano Tinazzi for “Internazionale” magazine and the short film “Tell me when to forget” by Gabe Braden.
I’ve also composed soundtracks for commercials (Visit Industry Marche: FBT, Clementoni, iGuzzini..).
In addition to be sound designer and music composer, I’ve also worked as a studio engineer, recording different artists at the Marche College of Music; as an arranger and a producer for local bands.

I acquired skills in video and audio editing and I have expertise in several softwares such as: Reaper, Digital Performer, Cubase, Pro Tools, Kontakt, Ableton Live, iZotope RX, main Vsti, Finale, Fmod, Wwise, Unity, Unreal, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. 

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