Sound Designer and Music Composer


  • Sound Design
  • Implementation
  • Music Composition
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Mix
  • Audio and Music recording

Sound Designer and Music Composer, based in Barcelona (Spain).

Passionate about all the audio world and videogames. Always researching creative ways to create sounds, trying to build a memorable experience. I love RPGs and Action Adventure Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of war. In my gamer heart there is a special place for Monkey Island and Grimfandango, first games I ever played.


  • UE4
  • Unity
  • FMOD
  • Wwise
  • DAW: Reaper, Pro Tools, Dp9, Logic Pro, Cubase
  • Github, SVN, Perforce
  • Jira

Sound Designer

Shipped Game:
Limitless Games

Co-Op Action RPG

Other Projects:


Top-Down Shooter Game

Music Composer

Thunder Tier One

Read my interview on composing the music for Thunder Tier One on Steam


Not Videogame

Serendip – Music Composer
Documentary: Sound Designer and Music composer

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